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   Thursday, February 28, 2002
2:18am (eastern) OK...ok I havent blogged in a couple of days...ive been kinda caught up with my new hobby, fantasy wrestling. Ive loved wrestling ever since I can remember. When I was like 5 or 6, I stared watching the WWF and ever since then...its blew up. Well, anyways...Its been going character, ENIGMA, is a heel and a really strange character. Its all rollplay and its really fun. My Efed is Phantom Championship Wrestling, if your into wrestling, check it out. Well, its kinda past my bed time*rolls my eyes*
Nytemair out!!!!!!!!!!

   Saturday, February 23, 2002
2:04am (eastern)...Ok, its much more later than I thought*LOL*. I DEFINATELY had a rough day today, my wife came home from work and we got into a small arguement and we said words we both didn't mean. But don't we all? No? I stand corrected*LOL* It was so stupid, i won't even get into it. Any ways, its getting late and I just wanted to add in my last entry for the night.
Nytemair out!!!!!!!!

11:36am (eastern)- Good morning, all! My day hasn't even started and im blogging...well i just wanted to add in a ealy entry for now. I'll work on the rest later. There WILL be more later.
Nytemair out!!!!!!!!!!

3:12am(eastern time) Ok...I just sign up for a Blog, so you could say this is my first one. I was kinda leary about web logging until I heard Leo LaPorte from The Screen Savers talk about it. Then it kinda gave me alittle boost towards making one. Then, just last night I saw that Megan made her first I was like ' I guess its not so bad'. So I just wanna say thank you to Megan And Leo for talking about Blogs on the show. And Leo...excellent job on the book...i just got my copy last sunday on my birthday...very impressive. Hope to see the next one. Well...its now 9mins from the time I started Blogging and my wife has to get up at 5am for work and my son is still awake so I have to end this for now. Thank every one for letting me join the Blog community.
Nytemair Out!!!!!!!!!!!